Zoe Winner

Licensed Agent

Zoe is a dynamic addition to the Jolie Luxury Homes team, bringing a unique blend of cultural influences and a rich background in creative and logistical endeavors. As a proud mix of Bahamian, Scottish, and Australian heritage, Zoe's roots run deep in Western New Providence, where she was born and raised. However, her educational journey took her to the United Kingdom, shaping her global perspective.

Zoe's family history is deeply-intertwined with The Bahamas, as her Scottish grandfather was one of the original founding members of Lyford Cay, a testament to her deep connections in the region. After completing her university studies, Zoe returned home, ignited by her passion for creativity. She found her niche in the fast-paced world of event management, blending her design skills, logistical finesse, and project management expertise.

Her adventurous spirit led her to Sydney, Australia, where she spent several years relishing the outdoor lifestyle and embracing thrilling challenges such as windsurfing, skydiving and surfing. Zoe's heart, however, always remained in the Bahamas, with a profound appreciation for its diverse culture and beauty.

Over the past 15 years, Zoe has honed her intuition for understanding her clients' needs, building quick and meaningful connections, and meticulously attending to details. Her boundless energy for exploring different societies seamlessly aligns with her fascination for interior design and architecture, making her transition to the world of real estate a natural progression.

Currently residing in Eastern New Providence, Zoe possesses a deep understanding of the island's various communities, complemented by her background in property management. With her passion for The Bahamas and her expertise in customer relations, Zoe is primed to help clients find their dream homes in this unique island paradise.