Kurt Melnechuk

Licensed Agent

The consummate businessman, Kurt brings years of colorful experience to the Jolie Luxury Homes team. He got his start in the service industry many years ago as a management trainee at Resorts International which we now know as Kerzner International today. He put his hospitality management skills to great use by eventually breaking into food brokerage and launching a private label campaign for independent grocers to be able to compete with the larger chains in the country. Kurt’s interest in real estate grew when he became the managing editor of Bahama Home and Garden Magazine, curating the content with a local well known architect. He made a splash in the real estate industry as one of the highest performing sales executives for newly launched residences for the largest resort on Paradise Island. From there, Kurt became a force in the real estate development arena heading up Sales and Marketing for The Sterling Group of Companies. Kurt is an endless well of sales and marketing expertise that makes him a buyer or seller’s dream.

Fun fact: Kurt has been the CEO and managing director for the first music themed restaurant in The Bahamas, and the largest and world renowned nightclub in the country, both being featured on MTV, VH1, E! Entertainment, ABC News New York, and Playboy Magazine