Christine Carey

Licensed Agent

Christine is an incredibly well-rounded member of the Jolie Luxury Homes team. Having grown up in many neighborhoods across New Providence, living and working in both Canada and Europe, Christine has an appreciation for well designed landscapes and unique architecture, proving to be an excellent skill for providing her clients with opportunities to acquire the same. A licensed real estate agent since 2007, Christine also flourished in the health and wellness field for 20 years, becoming a certified Health and Life Coach in 2015 which refined her natural skill of connecting with people, effortlessly assisting them in their real estate journeys. She and her family also opened the first Liquid Nutrition franchise location in The Bahamas, augmenting her client base and refining her interpersonal connections with the families that received great service at the store. Jolie Luxury Homes has provided a space for Christine to develop her passion for feng shui and room staging, also officially facilitating her into developing a lifestyle management service offering for the company.